Talk Funny Podcast Episode 25 – Garrett Groesbeck and Mark Bailey

Garrett Groesbeck returns to the Talk Funny Podcast to discuss women in prison and Orange is the New Black. Be sure to listen! See you at The First Laugh of the Year show on January 13th, 2018!

Episode 25

Garrett Groesbeck, a Japanese culture enthusiast, joins Mark Bailey to talk about who is the sexy Darth Vader character in Orange is the New Black, Garrett expounds on the lack of good gay cinema, Mark critiques Orange is the New Black as a comic, and why Larry David fans would like said drama. 

Talk Funny is a show about comedians in Japan from all over the world, working in comedy in Japan, writing comedy, working,doing stand up and getting paid in comedy in Japan. Brought to you by and stand up comic Mark Bailey


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